Booger spitting

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Mistress Mercedes is doing her exercises today. Her slave is waiting for the moment he has to spit and clearing her throat and nose. What a hard humiliation for the slave. He has to be just the spittoon and is a loser. Mercedes making her exercises harder and also she must more and more. Open your mouth LOSER!

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Spitting with Mercedes at YooGirls

Snot Worship

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Miss Deeane is a really hot mistress but today she has to blow her nose many times. She will forced you to worship her snot.

Are you ready Snotslave ?


Nose Blowing

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Want to see a nose blowing woman ? Look here – full 3 minutes of video for you. She is blowing her nose several times and im sure you want to lick her snot after she blowed her nose – or ?


Snot and Booger

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Mistress Mercedes is doing her exercises and she wants to spit many times.

So the slave must open his mouth and swallow all her spit.

But theres not only spit – you can hear she has many snot in her nose – but he must swallow all !!!


Eat the booger

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Hey Loser – are you ready for Miss Poisen Ivy ?

She realy likes to humiliate her slave and so she spits directly in his mouth, but she is really a brat girl – so she also forced the loser to eat her booger.

Mmhhh yummy yummy – do you like the booger ?


Booger at the cotton stick

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Not really Booger-Fetish but this Money Mistress forced you to lick up her booger from a cotton stick.
Princess Jenny is a german money mistress and realy sexy. Do you like to lick the stick with her booger on it ?

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Eating Boogers

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That’s the proof: Woman are also nasty. A guy caught a young blonde woman as she picks her nose and licks her boogers…

Snot Rockets and Boogers

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Snot Rockets, Boogers, Smelly Socks - GET YOUR CASH OUT!

Mistress Ariana has something for very pathetic slaves. She picks her nose and grabs some very disgusting boogers. Next she smears them onto a blowrag. After that she takes off her sweaty stinky socks and puts them into a plastic bag. Now she commands you to send her your money – you have seen what you will get in return – doesn’t this supposed to be a fair deal?

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How to behave

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Nosepicking is a real no go in public – so this girl tells you why and shows off how deep she can put her finger inside her nosehole…


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This girl is picking her nose with much pleasure and doesn’t know that she is spyed all the time.

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