Sadistic Booger Girls

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3 sadistic girls and a submissve guy.

That sounds like a nice booger party and yes – all of these 3 girls are very sadistic.

They forced him to eat their boogers now!!!


Eat Princess Jennys snot

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Princess Jennys nose keeps running today and she just want to enjoy her breakfast … but what about you ? You are just a loser so you can eat her tissue now !!!


Worship her snot

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Miss Deaana hast a really bad cold and you are the loser directly in front of her.

What about her snot ? She likes when you worship her snot now … come on lick her snot and worship her snot NOW !!!


Forced to swallow snot

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Mistress Melady is ill but its not a problem to humiliate her slave. She thinks thats the perfect way to make him ill also when he must swallow her snot.

Thats a total snot humiliation !!!

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Goddesses Footboy and the booger mystery

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Nosepicking and booger domination has become quite famoust. Many successfull producers already notcied the fetish behind it. But what makes it so interesting to be forced swallowing and eating boogers from dominant girls? I think it’s all about the degrading procedure. A guy or a slave is degraded to the usage of a blowrag. This can be a great experience if the girl whos using or abusing the slave is as beautiful as those who already practiceing booger-domination on the gooddesses footboy store. Those ladies seemed to acquired a taste for this disgusting domination methode and they also look like having great fun forcing their slaves to eat ugly booger from their fingers. The question is what would you do if you would kneel in front of one girl as she picks her sexy nose and holds her finger right to your face and commands you to stick your tongue out? I can’t help but I suppose that I would just let myself go and follow her instructions like the slaves and guys in those clips…

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Booger spitting

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Mistress Mercedes is doing her exercises today. Her slave is waiting for the moment he has to spit and clearing her throat and nose. What a hard humiliation for the slave. He has to be just the spittoon and is a loser. Mercedes making her exercises harder and also she must more and more. Open your mouth LOSER!

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Spitting with Mercedes at YooGirls

Another attractive nosepicker

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This lady seems to enjoy her finger inside her nose. She laughs while beeing filmed with her finger really deep inside her nose-hole and she still continues. She is totally shameless and stuffs her finger deep into her nose and scratches some ugly boogers out of it.

Barbie girl nose picking

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This little beauty is picking her nose to the rythm of the well known song “Barby girl” (from Aqua). She even puts two fingers at once right into her nose to pick it…

Snot Worship

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Miss Deeane is a really hot mistress but today she has to blow her nose many times. She will forced you to worship her snot.

Are you ready Snotslave ?


Nose Blowing

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Want to see a nose blowing woman ? Look here – full 3 minutes of video for you. She is blowing her nose several times and im sure you want to lick her snot after she blowed her nose – or ?


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