Sadistic Booger Girls

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3 sadistic girls and a submissve guy.

That sounds like a nice booger party and yes – all of these 3 girls are very sadistic.

They forced him to eat their boogers now!!!


Forced to swallow snot

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Mistress Melady is ill but its not a problem to humiliate her slave. She thinks thats the perfect way to make him ill also when he must swallow her snot.

Thats a total snot humiliation !!!

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Eat the booger

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Hey Loser – are you ready for Miss Poisen Ivy ?

She realy likes to humiliate her slave and so she spits directly in his mouth, but she is really a brat girl – so she also forced the loser to eat her booger.

Mmhhh yummy yummy – do you like the booger ?


Nosepicking while in TV

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Look at this one. Will you find the nosepicker here? Just watch it twice if you need to. Did you found her? I give you a hint: She sits behind the news-woman on her computer. Yeees shes really spinning her finger inside her nose hole to catch some green aliens. Did she found one?

Lexi picks her nose

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Brat girl Lexi has her finger spinning inside her nose hole. She turns it around to scratch boogers out and in the end she smears what she has found right on the camera lense… mhhhh yummy!