Monthly Archives: September 2010

The cleenex slave

Sexy and gorgeous Mistress Annabella wants to proof that her slave is really doing anything she orders and commands him to do. So she has figured out some evil plans. She makes him kneel in front of her as she tells him to open up his mouth for her. After his mouth is opened up very wide, she starts to spit in it. Then she keeps one nose hole closed with one finger and bursts snot through the other right into his opened mouth. He swallows like a good boy and then she really picks her nose just to smear the booger on his tongue too…

Double booger domination

Two girls with evil plans and one pathetic loser on his knees in front of them! Its too late to escape or sneak away – he is already the center of their most cruel and evil ideas. The girls want to humiliate him as much as possible. They start picking their noses. After they are done, the loser slave is forced to open up his mouth. He is really shocked by their disgusting idea to make him eat up their boogers, but he is frightened too. So he follows their orders and sticks his tongue out. Both girls break out in laughter as they start to smear their snotty boogers right on his tongue…

Jas and her obedient booger eating fagg

That’s how she loves the guys: Kneeling on the ground next to her as she figures out evil plans to torture and humiliate them. This time she has one very disgusting idea. She always was interested to know how far she could go. So she starts to pick her nose with a smile on her face. As if he already knew what comes up next, he opens up his slave mouth very wide for her. Her pleased look confirmed his thoughts. After she has found something inside her nose, her finger goes straight to his tongue and touches it. She smears the booger right on it and laughs at him as she tells him to swallow it all for her…

Sardistic and mistress Jane

This young mistress is called Jane. She loved to torture the male species since she found out how pathetically weak they are, controlled by their dicks. She made guys do every humiliating thing you can imagine and they still obey her. She made them kiss, lick and suck dirt off her shoes in public. She made them inhale farts and now she gets on step further by making a slave eat her boogers and snot! She spits into his opened mouth and smears her sticky boogers right on his tongue. Then she commands him to swallow…

Sabrina humiliates him with her snot

Mistress Sabrina loves having her slaves eat up her delicious snot. She mostly loves to make them do that in public. She forces them to kneel on the ground in front of her. Then she bursts all her snot right into the slaves wide opened mouth and face. After she repeats this procedure a few times, he is told to clean himself by licking up the mess in his face and swallow everything the princess goaled in his dirty mouth.

eat princess Sera’s snot

Did you ever taste the delicious snot and boogers of a real princess? No? Well I guess its about time you do. This arrogant and snobby mistress loves to humiliate guys like you.
In this clip she first talks to you and tells you what a pathetic guy you are. Then she starts to pick her nose. She laughs as she catches the first green one. After inspecting it for a while,
she rubs it all over your face! Of course she puts out another one and also this one is rubbed on your face… After you are well decorated, you are told to lick them all up and swallow them for your new princess. Eat her boogers now!