Nose Picking

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This girl speaks directly to the viewer. She talks about nose picking and shows how she uses two finger at the same time to pick out the nasty stuff…

Booger – how do they occur?

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The nose always needs to be clammy to protect the health. If you breath in through the nose, there are often tiny particles which make their way inside your nose. Mostly those particles don’t get too far, because they are filtered and stick in your nose hairs and your nose-slime – which is good. Imagine every particle would make its way through the nose into your body. Thats why you can get ill when your nose is too dry! But lets return to the main question: how do boogers occur? Well remember those particles? Well they keep stuck in your nose, mixed and covered in slime. And with each breath more particles enter your nose and anytime they attach to the already stucked one which ends in a snowball effect. The booger grows! Well and when you snot or sneeze, you can see it in the blorag. Believe it or not – its a fact that little children eat their boogers by nature and its (don’t laugh) healthy to build the immune-system.

girl picking her nose

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One girl is picking her nose…

Picking Picture

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1 Girl is picking her nose…

Booger Piggy

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Alyssa and her sister Ariana humiliate their slave in a very disgusting way.

First they spit on his face and command him to lick it all up while they’re laughing and then they put their fingers into their noses to catch some big boogers. Guess what they plan to do? Right! They smear them onto their servants tongue! He obeys them and keeps licking up all the nasty stuff…

What a disgusting booger piggy.

Hier den Clip downloaden: Download Booger Clip

Nose picking girl

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This clip shows a young girl putting her finger deep inside her nose. She enjoys herself while turning her finger to scratch  any booger from her inner nose skin. She smiles and smirks as she looks into the camera while beeing caught!

Booger fetish starts

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There are many different fetishes and this one seems to be a very unpopular one – but very interesting! Some slaves or devot guys love the humiliation of beeing used as their mistress’ booger-eating-boy. Girls are putting their fingers right into their noses, turn them around until the fingertip has caught something salty, then they hold it right into their slaves faces and make them lick and even swallow it all up!
I’ve seen this phenomenon many many times and the girls who are practicing this rare humiliation technique, seem to enjoy and like it because its definitely new and not common!

In this blog I will keep up posting everything I find according to this fetish.
I hope you like and ejoy it as much as the girls do :)…